Thursday, August 22, 2013

CyberEdge announces plans for first annual Cyberthreat Defense Report

These are exciting times at CyberEdge. We’ve compiled a stellar team of consultants and we’re doing some great work for an impressive (and steadily growing) set of clients. What more could we ask for? The answer: to do more cool things – especially ones that have tremendous potential to help our clients meet their marketing and sales objectives.
It’s with this answer in mind that we announce our plans to publish the first annual Cyberthreat Defense Report. With a release timeframe of early 2014 (pre-RSA), the “CDR” will be based on survey responses obtained from hundreds of IT security practitioners and decision makers in commercial and government enterprises across both North America and Europe. The goal for this research study is to obtain cold, hard data regarding which types of threats concern these organizations the most, the technologies they believe hold the greatest promise for cyberthreat mitigation, and the cyber-defense investments they plan to make going forward.
Beyond merely consuming the report’s data to shape their marketing strategies, there is the not-to-be-missed opportunity for security solution providers to also sponsor the report. Added benefits for sponsors include: being able to contribute survey questions, being able to more thoroughly leverage the CDR as part of your marketing campaigns, and being directly associated with what is certain to be a landmark report.   
For more details on the objectives for this research study, the methodology we intend to use, and – of course – the opportunities and entitlements associated with sponsorship, please see the corresponding prospectus, available here: